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Recruitment of Somali & Minority Talent

At Simoodi we help graduates, professionals and talented individuals to land exciting roles in various sectors across the United Kingdom. We are committed to diversifying the workforce and use a number of tools to help achieve this. We have developed an extensive network of jobseekers and companies and we are continually recruiting for positions and always on the lookout for talented Somali origin and BAME individuals.

Why Diversity In The Workplace Is Important

One of the most important reasons for diversifying your workforce is that you will have a greater understanding of your customers. If you would like to sell products to the elderly, but have no elderly employees, then how will you know what needs and desires these elderly customers have. Also, if you have a homogeneous workforce, research shows that you are more liable to groupthink and limited creativity. Diversity encourages innovation and boosts productivity and you will see your business grow by committing to a heterogenous workforce.

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If you are a company or a jobseeker and would like further details about our minority recruitment in London and the United Kingdom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Minority Recruitment Agency in London. BAME talent. Workplace diversity. Shaking hands.

Minority Recruitment Agency in London. BAME talent. Workplace diversity. Minority employees.





At Simoodi we are also expert credit consultants. If you would like to outsource your credit risk in finance, AR/AP and T&E, we have years of experience in credit analysis and collection. One of our consultants can visit your company and assess your staffing needs, your employees and the potential issues that may arise. Focusing on your working capital and cost reduction is an excellent way to ensure the success of your company. To find out more about our consultancy and minority recruitment in London, please get in touch with us at Simoodi.

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Our strong relationships with companies around the world mean that we are well placed to help those who are looking to outsource functions in their company. The number of outsourcing companies really is endless and it can be hard to find a reliable partner to work with. We have worked with a number of specialist companies, and this means we can connect businesses who are seeking to outsource any number of functions including finance, accounting or IT. To find out more about outsourcing and minority recruitment in London and the United Kingdom, please get in touch with us at Simoodi.

How You Can Benefit From Outsourcing

The main advantage to outsourcing is that you will benefit from significant cost savings. Your accounting, finance or IT functions will still be completed at a high level, but at just a fraction of the cost. You will also make substantial savings as your business will need to use less technology and infrastructure. Leaving these functions to third parties will also ensure that you can focus on the key areas of your business. Furthermore, by outsourcing to another time zone, you will wake up every day to important tasks already completed in the morning. 

Learn More About Outsourcing

If you would like to learn more about how outsourcing can benefit your company, or to find out about minority recruitment in London and the United Kingdom, please contact us at Simoodi.

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Minority Recruitment Agency in London. BAME talent. Workplace diversity. Outsourcing. Somali woman

Minority Recruitment Agency in London. BAME talent. Workplace diversity. Outsourcing. Somali man


Temporary / Flexi-Workers

At Simoodi we believe in offering a variety of solutions to common business issues including staffing problems. This benefits both employers as well as job seekers. Reasons you should work for Simoodi as temp/flexi-workers include:

  • you set your own hours
  • you can gain work experience in a variety of roles across a range of industries
  • build your skills and abilities
  • you can test roles before applying for permanent opportunities

  • you receive weekly pay
  • you benefit from our services introducing you into difficult-to-enter sectors
  • an good source of income and experience while studying
  • you can benefit from our advice and employability assistance

Why use us to look for your next permanent job?

  • We offer free and confidential career placement services for Somali and BAME individuals
  • We work around the clock on your behalf sending out CV's  and arranging interviews for you
  • We discover opportunities that you may have never considered on your own
  • We save you the time and hassle of scouring job boards
  • We promote your skills and experience to the right companies to get you hired

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About Us

Simoodi Business Services operates with the mission of helping clients diversify their workforces and assisting Somali, BAME and female job seekers find employment and leadership roles. We seek to create better working environments as well as stronger, more creative and more productive teams.

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