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Why We Created Simoodi

Simoodi was founded because we noticed that there was a lack of BAME representation in various businesses and sectors. Indeed, figures show that one in 8 of the working population is from a BAME background, whilst only one in 10 of those are actually in employment. Employment has increased for all ethnic groups but there are still serious disparities. One in 10 adults from a BAME background are unemployed which is in stark contrast to the one in 25 White British people who are unemployed. As such, we created Simoodi to help better the situation by focusing on minority recruitment in London and the United Kingdom.

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Minority recruitment outsourcing and consultancy in London. Ethnic employment opportunities. Person map.



Our History


October 2015

Sharmakeh Nour, CEO of Simoodi Business Services, founded Simoodi Credit Management ltd to provide solutions in the Credit Management Industry.

The Services included affordable credit risk assessment and credit management for businesses of any size. From small sole trader to large corporations, we provide the right expertise at the right price for you.

We offer a range of consultancy and outsources services in credit management to achieve your company DSO and maximise your cash flow by reducing your overdue balances and risk exposure.

  • Credit risk assessment of your customer and portfolio management.
  • Consultancy on wide range of credit report on country – customer – AR process improvement.
  • One stop credit solution: including collection, debt recovery, cash application

October 2019

After many years working in the City of London's Financial Industry, Sharmakeh Nour creates Simoodi Business Services recruitment agency to help BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) and female candidates in London, placing future minority and female leaders.

We saw there was a gap in the market to advance BAME tomorrow Leaders and place Women.


We want to give our clients a competitive edge by assisting them in the recruitment and placement of professional minorities and women. 

About Our CEO and Founder

Sharmakeh Nour, CEO and Founder of Simoodi Business Services, has a Bachelors Degree in Business & Economics at the University of Rheims (France) and holds qualification from International Credit & Trade Finance association (ICTF) at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University in Phoenix Arkansas(USA). Sharmakeh Nour is a certified Credit Risk Analyst with almost 20 years of solid expertise and proven performance.




Our Mission

At Simoodi, it is our mission to improve diversity by connecting businesses and individuals. We want to build better working environments in the United Kingdom and seek to do that by increasing diversity in the workplace. Research shows that around 40% of companies still struggle to find diverse candidates to fill their employment positions. We hope to improve this situation by helping companies to find candidates that are not only BAME, but who are also talented, professional and right for the role. To find out more about our minority recruitment in London and the United Kingdom, please get in touch with us at Simoodi.




Our Values...



Minority recruitment outsourcing and consultancy in London. Ethnic employment opportunities. Honesty


We only work on roles and projects in which we know that we can have a positive effect. We are always honest and transparent in our approach and we will always give constructive advice to both the company and the candidate. We will work hard to develop trust and a positive working relationship with all parties involved in the employment process.



Minority recruitment outsourcing and consultancy in London. Ethnic employment opportunities. Reach


At Simoodi, we are a company with extensive links in both the United Kingdom and worldwide. Whether you are a jobseeker in search of a new employment opportunity or a company looking for a reliable third party to outsource to, we make it our aim to connect people. Our skills and knowledge on the global and local stage mean that we are in the best position to help you move forward.


Minority recruitment outsourcing and consultancy in London. Ethnic employment opportunities. Professionalism


We pride ourselves on our professionalism. On every project that we work on, you can rest assured that we are efficient, responsive and approachable. We treat clients and companies with total care and attention, and you can always expect the highest quality services when we work in partnership with you.



Minority recruitment outsourcing and consultancy in London. Ethnic employment opportunities. Expertise


We are a specialist recruitment company with much experience in a range of sectors from finance to IT. As experts in recruitment the needs of your company are at the forefront of the work that we do. We can utilise our knowledge and knowhow to add real value to your company. We are also committed to helping candidates achieve their long-term goals with our expert advice.




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If you would like to learn more about Simoodi and our outsourcing, consultancy and minority recruitment in London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About Us

Simoodi Business Services operates with the mission of helping clients diversify their workforces and assisting BAME and female job seekers find employment and leadership roles. We seek to create better working environments as well as stronger, more creative and more productive teams.

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